By Demichello Conley


Who can you blame because of a downfall?
Where can you point the finger when you lose it all?
The mirror is a reflection of who you really are,
You can run from yourself, but you won't go far;
The light in your eyes will guide you upon high,
Jump out the nest and you will fly.

It has rained numerous days that fell into the night,
A coward realized the battle ahead and began to fight;
Sincere showed signs of the hateful,
You give all you can to someone and they still are ungrateful.

The tongue can utter anything, yet the eyes never lie,
How can you walk on water until you step out of the boat and try?
A shower of fire tried the inner me and disintegrated my impurities,
I was born in sin, yet I will die free;
When an opportunity appears, you can't wait,
Forget all the negativity you've been taught and walk in faith.

"Just Go Along"

The top spot,
Cream of the crop,
The position many dream to occupy,
A ruthless journey on a quest to butcher a slice of the American pie;

No wonder television and entertainers are raising our youth,
You achieve more in this era spreading falsehood than telling the truth;

Multiple sleepless nights,
I can't explain the pain felt,
I exhausted myself,
Giving wisdom to the proud,
Puffed up,
Stiff necks wouldn't accept;

Finally a man told me,
I know you are right and I am wrong,
See I sold my soul to this wicked world,
Now I'm forced to just go along.



When favor upon your life,
Prepare to endure misery....
You must stay faithful when no one believes in your vision,
God is the reason for a supernatural decision;

Doors slammed shut from every which way you've turned,
Have you ever felt in your heart like God was not concerned?
You are black gold ready to be refined,
Enter the FIRE!
You must be tried before you shine;

You must look past you in order to get to the most High,
We must be grounded or humbled before we set to fly;
People please look up in your time of frustration,
You are not defined until you walk through your TRIBULATION.


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